Virgin Gorda database (All)

Name District Safe Extra info
Basil Warner Not specified Unknown
Davenyl Galo Not specified Yes
David michael Virgin Gorda Unknown Our beloved uncle David and his daughter dejah. Kimmoy and curth would love to know your ok. David works at the villas. Your st kitts family looking for you
Didier Rohan. Alberic Rohan. Joyce Rohan Not specified Yes Joyce Rohan, Abrie Rohan, and Latoya Paris are requesting information about his safety. We haven't heard from him since Wednesday. Raymonde is wondering about their safety
EVA MAGDALYN SHILLINGFORD VIRGIN GORDA Unknown Eva Shillingford works at the Bitter End Yacht Club where she is one of the first point of contact and is known by many.
Geoff & Candy Cooke Virgin Gorda Unknown
Gordon Liverpool Not specified Unknown
Ian Gomes, wife and children Not specified Yes 9/11/17 Ian and his family are safe. His brother Byron Wheatley and wife Monica are also missing living in Tortola. Please facebook Chamra Anthony or call any family in Antigua.
Jan Morash Ha some Bay virgin Gorda Unknown Has a school in virgin Gorda and lives in ha some bay
Jane Merritt Not specified Yes If anyone has seen or heard from her let her know that her god son from Antigua is looking at getting in touch with her. Additional contact numbers are: 12687642499 12684646701 12867642229
Jennifer Darroux Virgin Gorda Unknown since communication lines are down have not gotten in contact with family.
Jeremy Dugan Virgin Gorda Unknown On virgin gorda for boat repair. Have not heard from him since hurricane Irma.
John Knauss Virgin Gorda Yes
Junior Chiverton Virgin Gorda Unknown Please contact family in Nevis. Hoping his family is safe.
Mark Anthony Bollers Virgin Gorde Unknown
Marvique Creaque Virgin Gorda, BVI Unknown Cant make connections since communication lines are down.
Michael Wheatley Gunn creek Unknown
Nelda Durand Bascombe Virgin Gorda BVI Unknown No contact made yet due to break down in powerlines. She is the owner of NELS BEAUTY STUDIO
Robert Merrick Not specified Unknown
Shirleen Bradshaw Virgin Gorda Unknown Shirleen is a nurse and was taking care of a patient who is mobile. Please help me bring my sister home to her family. My Number is 813 494 6600. Thank you
Shirleen Bradshaw The Valley Virgin Gorda Unknown She is a medical nurse living with a patient. Please help!!!!! She is my mom. Real concerned. She is short with a manhead and a split teeth. Very kind, caring and friendly.
Shirleen Bradshaw Not specified Unknown Health caregiver last contact time about 11:54 on Wednesday 6th was at the time with her patient.she had concerns after water started entering via the roof and exclaimed at that time that the roof was not going to stay. Light brown complexion about 56" tall large split in front teeth
Tom Costanza Virgin Gorda Yes
Trevor "Wes" Stevens The Valley Yes Family in St. Kitts are desperately trying to find out if he and his family are safe. His numbers are 1-284-544-1022 and 1-284-340-3928
Wilma George Not specified Unknown Her husband is Gregory George and they have 2 sons and a daughter.