Turks and Caicos database (All)

Name District Safe Extra info
ana godet abreu grand turk Unknown Ana is my mother .mother of paloma joanna godet and john godet abreu am from aruba the are my family ana is my mother and john and paloma arenmy brothers
Arthur Williams (Bonnie) Not specified Unknown He lives alone and has no internet. If anyone can check on him and let me know, I would be very grateful.
Ashley Sinclair Provo Unknown Ashley is my husbands daughter she is turning 12 very soon. Her mother is Margaret McLaughlin and she works at the Grace Bay pharmacy.
Barbara Scherrer and Jason Okoye Grand Turk Unknown Barbara is with Jason Okoye. Barbara is from Switzerland, Jason is a resident. Please inform when certain that she is safe. There were news that she must be ok bc jason okoye has been checked by the Head of Government Mr. Moore.
Deb and John Hayes They are located on north west corner of Grand Turk. Yes
Deb and John Hayes Grand Turk Yes Sister In Law Meg Daniels is Looking for news of Deb and John Hayes who sheltered at their home on Grand Turk during Hurricane Irma. Update: Great news-9/15- Red Cross knocked on their door and let them use a phone to tell us they were OK.
deepak kukreja ( danny ) Not specified Unknown My name is Lalit Chotwani , Danny works for harley davidson of grand turks . I spoke to him last on thursday evening right before the Hurricane IRMA was making the landfall to the island . I am not able to make any contact with him since then . Please help
Douglas Fenimore Not specified Unknown Please if anyone knows if Douglas Fenimore is OK please let us know? This is his worried family in the U.S.. Thanks for any information!
Florence (Flo) Kalinda Blue Hills Unknown
Irja Benson blue mountain Unknown If someone is in the area can they please check on this lady, she is 78, and had friends staying with her at her house.
Jimmy Baker South Caicos Yes
john godet abreu grand turk Unknown John godet abreu is my brother son of ana godet abreu
Naresh Khiantani Grand Turk Unknown Indian national working with KB Home Provo now in Grand Turk for last 2 months.
Orlando Palmer Not specified Unknown Orlando Palmer is the chef at Margaritaville on Grand Turk. He is Jamaican, roughly 30 years old and of slight build, roughly 6 feet tall. He often goes by the name Randy Palmer. His mother is losing her mind over the lack of communication and She would love to hear from him, or about him. His cell number is a Digicel service number. We hear that Digicel is down in T&C so his number may not be reachable. Margaritaville might be the best local place to try to contact him or if there is no-one there the Montego Bay HQ number is (876) 979-8041.
Paloma joenna godet Not specified Yes
Richie (Bishop) Been Grand Turk Unknown He stayed back after sending his family to Provo so he could help anyone who needed assistance. Please text if he is alright.
Rolsten Frater Not specified Unknown His brother Winston Frater in the states has been trying to reach him to make sure he is ok. Can we post to see if we can find out. Thank you. Rolsten please call your brother
Sanford Hall Grand Turk Unknown Owns SHall convenience store in Grand Turk
Stephon Hubbard Grand Turk Unknown His wife Chandra Hubbard is a teacher. Their son's name is Isaiah Hubbard.