Tortola database (All)

Name Address District Safe Extra info
Anthony Blake (Bones) Greenbanks Tortola Unknown At Andy Mudie's house on Greenbanks, Tortola. Entrance to Greenbanks is near Skyworld.
Arnold Ainsley Towers Apartment, West End, Tortola West End Unknown
Bernadette Faulkner/ Kenrick Faulkner Snr and Kenrick Faulkner Jnr The Settlement, Anegada Anegada Yes The family of Berna as we usually call her would like to know if they did evacuate Anegada and If they did, we will certainly like to know that they are safe. Most people would call her husband Garfield and their family are well-known on the Anegada.
Brigel Vesna Kydd Virgin Gorda Tortola Unknown Last said she was going to a shelter. Haven't heard from here since and we are extremely worried.
Candice Bolondia Fraites None Not specified Unknown
Carlyle (Pepsi) france Hannah's estate Road town Unknown He lives with her wife mavis, daughter jenifer and son carlise lives in Hannah's estate....also my my uncle Samuel france
Clifford Gilbert Purcell Estate, Road Town, Tortola Not specified Unknown Lives in apartment building in Purcell Estate. Last spoke to him on Saturday 2nd September - Before Hurricane Irma and haven't been able to contact him since. His family is the Audains in Cayon, St. Kitts. If you have seen/spoke to him, please let me know he's safe!
Deborah Maddox Unknown tortola Not specified Yes None
Dennis Yurkevich None Dunno Unknown Brown boxers
Devlon Joseph None Not specified Unknown
Dianje Browne None Ballast Bay Unknown
Etta Pemberton None Tortola Unknown Family would like to know she is safe.
Eunice McDonald Overlooking Cane Garden Bay Tortola Yes Help us find Eunice McDonald exact address unknown but she stays on a hill overlooking Cane Garden Bay.
Eunice McDonald Overlooking Cane Garden Bay Tortola Yes Help us find Eunice McDonald exact address unknown but she stays on a hill overlooking Cane Garden Bay.
Federick Rogers None Tortola Unknown Family would like to know that he and his family is safe.
Geraldo Weekes/Weeks Inknown Unknown Family Franklin, Alex Weekes in Virginia and Florida. And Yvette Gaines in st.kitts
Hazel Simon Purcell Not specified Unknown
jacqueline williams None Not specified Unknown
Johanna rhymer None Not specified Unknown Has a 1 year old son
Johanna rhymer Road town Unknown Unknown Father is a dentist..she also has a 1 year old son by the name of Julian
John Carrington Waterfront Drive Road Town Unknown
Jonny Fremantle Tortola Not specified Unknown Sandra Bisson in Jersey UK very worried . you can contact her or me, Liz Guegan, on Facebook if you are able
Kareem El Shabazz Great Mountain, Tortola Great Mountain Yes My son is Kareem El Shabazz, Jr. he's 14 years old. His dad name is Kareem El Shabazz also know as "Shabazz"or "Bazz" he sells smoothies on Tortola in different locations. Also his brother Rasul El Shabazz and his family. All in Great Mountain.
Kaysherry Davis Carrot Bay Tortola Unknown Is a diabetic Have an infant daughter Mom (Bowlia) staying with her, also a diabetic
Kejahana Stephens None Not specified Unknown
Kenneth ,Dorothy Nigel Brown Pursell Estate. Road Town Unknown These are my family. Dorothy is a Diabetic. Nigel I think is a police officer.
Latoria Rogers None Tortola Unknown
Lauren Padarath unknown Not specified Unknown Uncertain as to name of her location but she is a Trinidad and Tobago national working and staying on the Eastern side of Tortola. Her family has not been able to make contact with her since lunchtime on Wednesday. We are all praying and worried.
Lilliana Cognet, Edmond Colaire West End Not specified Unknown The persons we are desperately trying to make Contact with are located mainly at West End; they are- Jermaine Colaire, Chancillia Magloire (Alfred), Miyah Alfred, Micah Thomas, Jerquan Colaire , Sielle Cockburn, Lilliana Cognet, Junior Colaire (Roadtown) & Edmond Colaire. Thanks So much for all those connected to Your blog site, & this critical human location services. May God's Precious Grace, Strength & Blessing cover All in the B.V.I! Be Strong in Jesus' Name! This too Shall pass! God Bless!
Margaret Petty Meade None Not specified Yes
Maria Neptune Palestina Estate Sea Cows Bay Sea Cows Bay Unknown
Mark Anthony Bollers None Virgina Gorda Unknown
Mark hapkinson None Not specified Unknown
Marsha Wilcam Campbell Unknown Unknown Unknown Also, goes by Desrine. Jamaican.
Marvin hazell None Not specified Yes
Michelle Jobsz- Jardine None Road Town Unknown
Natahki Cooke Tortola Not specified Yes
Natahki Cooke Tortola Not specified Yes
Natalie Nancy Phillip-Todman Fahie Hill Tortola Yes She usually goes by Nancy and her son Taniel Todman should also be with her.
Nathalie Alexander None Road Town Unknown
Nicolette and Dennison Gumbs None Not specified Unknown Nikki and fam worried
Nigel and Annie Macphail Beef Island Tortola Tortola Unknown
Nigel Jarvis None Tortola Unknown Family would like to know he and his family is safe.
Patrick Mitchell None Not specified Unknown With Carol Mitchell and Kern Mitchell Heather Samuel was last in contact with them as follows Kern 1-284-547-3749 spoke to him on Tuesday. Patrick 1-284-442-3999 spoke to him on Monday. Any assistance would be appreciated
Patrick Nicholas Scatlife Ally Not specified Unknown
Patrock Nicholas Scatlife Ally Not specified Unknown
Peterson Laville None Road town Unknown He is a male nurse Haven't heard from him
Phebe Tumock (Floyd Wilson) None Not specified Unknown
Reed Bosze Tortola Not specified Unknown He is Captain of charters working in BVI
Roslyn Famous None Tortola Unknown Last heard from Tuesday night. She is visiting family on Tortola when the storm hit.