St. Martin database (All)

Name District Safe Extra info
Aaron and Mimi Benissa Saint Martin Unknown Mimi was the wife of Thierry Bennisa (deceased) who used to manage the beach at Club O. Mimi's mother's name is Muriel and she lives in French Quarter. Aaron's father was Thierry Benissa.
Adam Christophe next to Marina Oyster Pond Unknown i saw him,he is alive,and safe,he stay at orient bay at a friend house,this friend is on Facebook: Nonolimit gandhy bocquet!
Adela Romney Not specified Yes She lives across from Rainbow on the main boulevard. Her friend sent someone to look for her and she is safe and sound!
Adrian Jean Baptiste Jeremie Not specified Yes
Adrianna Herbert Not specified Unknown
Agnès Etchegoyen Not specified Yes elle va bien
Al Richardson French quarter Unknown
Al Thompson French Quarter Unknown
Al Thompson French Quarter Unknown
Alain Duzant Anse Marcel Yes he has been heard from. safe.
Alain Duzant Grand Case Yes Son of Leo Duzant from Grand Case. Safe on Dutch side with family.
Alain MOURIER Not specified Unknown
Alain, Alan and their Mom French Quarter Yes
Alba Filipsburg Unknown Alba Batista (Dominicana) vive en horlandesa,filipsburg.
Albert Habichdobinger Not specified Yes
Albert larmony Not specified Yes He is with his wife Aline. Are they safe?
Alberto rombley St martin Yes He with his wife also
Alberto rombley St martin Yes
Alcendor Ruth/Nicholas/Russ Not specified Yes
Alcius Rosène Rambau Unknown
Alex Martinez Cupcouy Unknown They are in Sapphire Beach Resort it's badly damaged
Alexander Ferroukhi & Nathalie Chopin Sandy Ground Yes EDIT : They were found, they are safe and now in Martinique.
Alexander Gringler Anse Marcel Unknown
Alexander Saddler Not specified Unknown
Alexandra Osterholt Marigot Yes Across from Fantastic auto parts
Alexandra Herve French quarter Unknown Aux dernières nouvelles: avec Martine, Gerard et Rudy Zarader ainsi que Lucien. Hébergé a Mont Vernon 1 en dessous de chez elle (111) donc 109 je crois
Alexandre Sussot French quarter Yes Rentré en France, il va bien
Alexandro Alberto Martinez Not specified Unknown Alex is an American Citizen traveling with his wife Vanessa Martinez, they are with their cousins Roseanne and Michael Duncan I can be reached on my usa cell 1-786-307-1986 or my trinidad cell 1-8687406278 we are worried and working to get them home
Alexandro Martinez Cupcoy Yes Alex is an American citizen that was vacationing with his wife Vanessa Defour Martinez they are accompanied by their cousins Roseanne and Michael Duncan Alex can reach me on my USA cell 1-7863071986 or my Trinidad cell 8687406278
Alfredo Rollan Orleans Unknown
Alice Rollan Marigot Yes Allan Rollan's twin sister. Daughter of Catherine and Nelson Rollan who are also still missing.
Alicia Guadalupe Yes She is safe now
Alicia Zalay Guadlupe Unknown She is a tourist from Argentina staying at Riu palace.
Aline LAKE Not specified Yes
Aliyana Richardson Not specified Unknown
Allain Richardson Grand Case Unknown
Allan Lalljee Not specified Yes Bartender at Simpson Bay Resort
Allan rollan Marigot Yes He went down to sxm from NL for vacation along with sister Alice. Contact me if you have info.
Allan Rollan Marigot Yes Allan Rollan 1went back to sxm with his twin sister Alice Rollan on vacation to celebrate their parents 40yrs of marriage. They supposed to stay for 2 and a half weeks. He is my best friend and still havent heard from him. I hope him and the rest of his family (and all the people of sxm) are in good condition and safe!! Please let me know asap when he (or Alice etc) registered or something that says he and his fam are safe!!!
Alphonse Richardson Grand Case Yes Saw he and brothers in grand case
Altagracia marily Not specified Unknown La conocen como María y trabaja en un restaurante italiano
Altagracia Smith South reward Dutch side Unknown
Amada de Oca Not specified Yes
Amaury meziere Grand case Yes Please advise if amaury is safe
Amelie Berlande Oyster Pond Unknown 6 year old son Paul
Anabelle and her family Not specified Unknown No news since the hurricane started so please let me know if you see her and her family
Anderson George French Quarters Unknown CEO Anderson Computer Services
Andre Tasso and family Orient beach Unknown Andre works for Divico in Colebay
Andy or Laurel Banas Not specified Unknown
Angela Richardson St. Martin Unknown