Keywest, FL database (All)

Name Address District Safe Extra info
Amber Krabbe None Key west flordia Unknown Amber & her family were hunkerd down in an RV in key west Florida when hurricane Irma hit. No one has heard from any of them since. Please contact me if found. We are EXTREMELY concerned. Thank you!
Cheryl Cuccinello 3429 eagle Avenue Key West,Fl 34040 Not specified Unknown [email protected] The age is an estimate
Frances Endico None Key West Unknown
Kim Thompson-Koelers 2037 San Sebastian Dr Big Pine Key FL. Yes +Husband Edmond Lee (Pete) Thompson
Lee grant Maritgon city marina Not specified Unknown Lee was on his boat named the seven dolphins located in the marithon city harbor and last we head was not going to evacuate. Have not heard from him
Richard Gartenmayer B49 9th Ave, Stock Island Not specified Unknown He may have been at 1611 Rose Street (KW), KWHS, or 11 Arbutus (Key Haven).
Stacey Nilsen 1420 Whalton st. Key West 33040 Key West Yes Last heard was at school gym
Tara Whiteman None Key west Unknown
Todd Sprague 111 US 1 Federal Highway Key West Fl 33040 Not specified Unknown Big Concrete warehouse in upstairs apartment during IRMA hurricane also with Christine Rodriguez and her 2 children Rockland Key across from the Naval Station