British Virgin Islands database (All)

Name District Safe Extra info
Albert Thompkins Branson Estate near Zion Hill Unknown Wife - Shanique Children - Albert & Naomi
Brigel kydd Bvi Unknown
Brigel kydd Bvi Unknown My name is Jeanne I'm her friend.. me and her family are very concerned about her and we would like to know her where abouts if you have any information about her please let us know as soon as possible.
Christine Williams Tortola Yes I sent her a personal message on Facebook, I wrote "I am so worried about you, are you OK?" Her exact reply: Am Thank but my roof I lose all my stuff 10:15am September 10, 2017 no further contact, I presume she is conserving her battery
Clarence McFarlane Faulkner Tortola Unknown He has a wife and three young children. He is my dear friend. Christina from trinidad. My number is 1868-3792553
Clarkie, Cynthia & Jumane Morton Virgin Gorda, BVI Unknown I haven't had any contact with my family since the hurricane. I would like to know if they're safe and if possible, how I connect with them.
Clinton Farrington and family Not specified Unknown Works at Oil Nut Bay (previously worked at Biras Creek)
Curteis Samuel Not specified Unknown plus girlfriend (Rose Smith) and son Raheim Samuel
Daniel Narine BVI Unknown I was contacted before the storm passed, he's my friend and I am very worried. I would be grateful for any information to pass on.
Devon Liburd Not specified Unknown plus wife and 2 children
Dorcil Browne Not specified Unknown
dwayne kendall and patrica kendall Not specified Unknown His wife and 2 children, we just want to knowif u are ok
dwayne kendall and patrica kendall Not specified Unknown Wife and 2 children. Your family is very concern about your safety
Eddie Wyke & family, Ruthilia Maximea Tortola Yes Would like to hear from them asap
Evalette Cuffy and Jo quanna Solomon Not specified Unknown Evalette is also known as Slim. We are worried sick about them
Georgette Thompson Tortola BVI Unknown Also with Jaeden Godwin. Can't heard anything about them.
Gurtude Thomas 5th Unknown Celine Thomas and Jio-Ann Thomas daughters
Hugh Henry Road Town Yes
Ian Gomes Not specified Unknown His wife and children. Your family in Antigua looking for you all down there. If you can use Zello app. It's a walkie talkie app. You can use to communicate with me, Chamra. Or have Sydney facebook Tasha.
Juanito dias road town Unknown
Kay Sherrie Davis 2 Unknown Need to find out if they are ok is my sister and mother and niece since after the hurricane we haven't heard from them
Kelton Hazell Not specified Unknown
LaTicia Thompkins Branson Estate near Zion Hill Unknown
Leshia Morris Great Harbour Unknown Husband is Mark Morris
Michael Fearon Tortola, BVI Yes Michael and his family are safe.
Naraindra lall BVI Yes His wife and his one month old son are both with him, please help us to know If they are safe
Nigel Dore Not specified Unknown Was last heard from on Wednesday at about 1pm has been heard from since.
Olives Maynard Not specified Unknown
Paul leonard Virgin gorda Unknown
Rodney Dore Not specified Unknown Also other family members Patricia Samuel Dore and her 2 boys and Esroam "Miple Dore and his family.
Ronelle Harrigan, Chet Peters, Sidney (Dice ) Wheatley, Venus and Norbert Wheatley. BVI Unknown We would like to hear from them.
Ruth Joslyn Hazell Tortola Unknown
Sachkia Barnes Not specified Yes
Samuel France Not specified Unknown
Seleisha Corea Not specified Unknown Last known to be with Kendall "Stats" parsons
Shanica Madurai Christopher BVI Yes
Shanica Maduro Christopher BVI Yes
Shanica Maduro Christopher Tortola BVI Yes
Sheldon Joyce Not specified Unknown
Shinelle Dore East End Unknown
Shirleen Bradshaw Virgin Gorda Unknown Looking for Shirleen Bradshaw also goes as Honorable. Her family is very worried. She is Licensed Nurse who has given 20+ years of care and loves to help others. She is in Princess Quarters South Valley Virgin Gorda. Please respond with any news of her.
Sonia musgrave Not specified Yes Prison officer
The king family Not specified Unknown The king family in east end are my family would loved to hear from them one of cuz is Monica king
Vanatta Hazell Not specified Unknown
Vesna Kydd British virgin island Unknown Just want to know that she is ok
Wendy Hendricks JVD Yes No one has heard from her - we just want to know she is safe