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  • Published at: Sept. 13, 2017, 1:36 p.m. | Updated on: Sept. 13, 2017, 1:36 p.m.

***UPDATE FROM GEBE*** #sxmwater #laser101 

Water Distribution for Today - 9/13/2017

- Well Road
- Dawn Beach
- Nazareth
- Union Road
- Middle Region
- Simpson Bay
- Budget Marine
- Fort Willem
- Over the Bank
- Mary's Fancy
- Maho
- Saunders
- Betty's Estate
- Pondfill (Adolphus R'dson Bldg / Toxall*)
- Methodist Church (town) has a cistern that is servicing people in the area.

Water Supply up and running in some areas
(list of exact areas pending)

- Cay Hill up to FVPT


Areas where GEBE has opened the Water Manifolds
If you are able you can go here and get water. Please do not waste the water.

- Cay Hill close to old Cake House
- LB Scott Rd, close to Cake House
- Starmart area, across from Screen Shop
- Across from Lenny Priest at entrance to Point Blanch
- Hope Estate, close to housing project
- Guana Bay Rd, close to where school buses are.

WARNING: Persons that have running water now, please do not drink water straight from the pipe. Boil or treat water first.

GEBE will not touch the PVC pipes. If you can, please cap your pipes. Turn off your valves.

Please do not block GEBE equipment so that they can quicker provide assistance.

GEBE: #HelpUsHelpYou